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Whatever shoe we produced – model, comfort, domestic or sporting it complies with basic functional principles – its design is determined by the practical setting. That is why our shoes look modern and are comfortable at the same time.


The quality of skin has had a major value for shoe production for the last ten years. We use only the best skins from the Ukrainian, Italian, Polish, Turkish producers. Therefore our shoe has all features peculiar to the natural skin – it is soft, elastic, proof to the wear.


For almost seventy-year history “Progress” attained a proof balance between the use of skilful handwork and newest technologies. We try to convert experience and competence of skilled employees in your pleasure from wearing our shoes.

Our Partners

 Lvov, str. Dzerelna, 16, shop “Файні мешти”,mo.-sat. 10:00 до 18:00

Terms of guarantee

A thirty-day quarantee is given to all the shoes from the date of sale, or beginning of a corresponding season. During the warranty term a producer claims responsibility of free repair or replacements of shoes. A quarantee spreads to the defects that arose out of producer quilt.

    Guarantees are not subjected for:
  • mechanical damages
  • damages that arose in connection with wrong exploitation
  • natural wear
  • discoloration and invoices of skin that arise out of natural properties.

DLC "Progress"

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fax. 38 032 2971053

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