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In 1947 in Lviv a shoe factory № 3 began work making basis for creation of the first in soviet Ukraine shoe firm “Progress” in 1961. It composed branches in Stryi, Boryslav, Lutsk, Terebovlya and afterwards in Kulykiv, except for Lviv factory branches. Producing quality woman, men, children’s and sporting shoes a firm soon became and remained during decades one of the biggest producers of shoes in the country.

After disintegration of Soviet Union and proclamation of independence of Ukraine state enterprise “Progress” was regenerated in a joint-stock company in 1994. The new stage of company activity began – a number of contracts was signed about the collaboration with German, Italian, and the Danish companies. Shoes sewn on the order of our partners by the hands of Lviv masters are successfully sold in many countries of Europe, Asia, America, Australia and New Zeland almost for two decade.

In 2015 getting new experience we decided to return to the Ukrainian market producing comfortable and quality shoes. And we set an ambitious aim – to give you a possibility to buy the well – known trade mark “Progress” in any regional centre of Ukraine.